About us

Our mission is to offer products of high quality

guaranteed by our partner manufacturers to the satisfaction of our clients

Our company

Our company has been catering to the commercial work boat industry especially to the gas oil industry and fishing industry for a long time. We opened our Miami Florida Office to handle the logistics of supplying to all the Americas including United States.

Voltec Corporation has been supplying its products to crew boats, fishing boats, tug boats, patrol boats, harbor and master boats etc. Our main goal is to offer quality made products to assure long term use.

Our Personnel

Our administrative personnel, are poised in sales and technically enabled to take care of any requirement within our area of experience, guaranteeing the reliable provision of the service and the products that are required in a suitable time we aim satisfy the needs of our clients.


Products and Services

Voltec Corporation to achieve its objectives directs its activity to the following mission: To offer the best lines of products and services to our customers based on the highest quality levels, under the strictest guide lines.

To be the company leader in the marine and oil industry, guaranteeing an optimum satisfaction to our clients, using the most efficient way supplying maintaining a rate of constant and viable development.